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The possibilities for optics tuning and styling on your 125cc motorcycle are endless. Even with little effort you can change the design of your bike enormously and adapt it exactly to your style. We offer the a huge selection of optics parts and inspiration for your next tuning project.


Decors, stickers and colored elements

The easiest (and cheapest) starting point for an extensive design change on your motorcycle is stickers and decals. With them, you can redesign the look of your bike from scratch without changing anything permanently. After all, if you don't like the new style after a while, you simply replace the decor or stickers. With colored stickers, for example, for the rims, you can set cool accents and make areas that are otherwise boring on the bike to real eye-catchers.


Replace boring factory parts with cool optic parts

Hand on heart: current 125cc motorcycles already look pretty nice. Whether it's KTM's Duke 125, Honda's CB 125 R or Yamaha's current models. All of them have their own cool style from the factory. But there are two problems with that: First, you see them a lot on the road now, and some of the brands even look quite similar. Second, they are sold all over the world, so not only do they have to please a lot of people, but they also have to comply with a lot of regional laws.

This ensures that they have many parts (mirrors, license plate holders, turn signals, etc.) that are designed to comply with all laws. Not that they look particularly strong.

Here you are asked as a tuner! Let your creativity run wild and screw what the stuff holds. New mirrors, other fairing parts, CNC covers and levers, short license plate holder and so on. Let's go, make yourself to the Optiktuning.